Being a teen or an adult with a learning difference can be hard.


How do you dance the YMCA when you have Dyslexia for example? How can you concentrate better and foster friendships with ADD?


The resources on this page should help answer similar questions for a better quality of life.

Useful websites:

1) Additude
A magazine with many resources, such as symptom checkers, webinars, ADHD therapies, lifestyle advice, and even nutrition tips.

2) Learning Disabilities Association
This is a great place to learn more about your particular learning differences. They also provide guides, booklets, and information on learning programs or job resources.

3) The Dyslexia Life Hacks Podcast
This podcast “gets to the stories behind the word dyslexia.” Each episode is a deep dive into the story of a person with dyslexia and how they’ve overcome life’s challenges on the road to success.

4) Dyslexics Wanted
A great page designed for adults with Dyslexia full of podcasts with inspiring dyslexics.

5) Truth About Dyslexia
A podcast created by Steven, who noticed that the conversation around dyslexic adults sucked (his words). So he created a podcast about all aspects of life with Dyslexia.

A few examples of the resources above:


Holiday Stress Relief for Adults with ADHD

By Additude

On effective reading, writing and the power of artificial intelligence

By Dyslexia Life Hacks Podcast

What is Dyslexia and Perfectionism with Dyslexia

By Truth about Dyslexia Podcast

It's not you, it's not me, it's ADHD

By Additude