Supporting someone with a learning difference?


Learn how to make their life easier using the resources below!


Useful websites:

A page full of strategies and resources to help all struggling readers. It has a dedicated section for children with learning differences, and most general resources are also helpful.

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping parents of children with learning differences and/or attention deficit disorders.

3) The Dyslexia Initiative
A wealth of resources aimed primarily at parents of dyslexic children and educators. The associated podcast, Dyslexia Coffee Talk, provides a lot of varied, helpful advice, often on how to advocate for children with learning differences.

4) Made by Dyslexia
A global charity led by successful dyslexics. Their main purpose is to help the world understand the power of dyslexic thinking. A unique feature is the colorful downloadable resources — perfect for educators and parents supporting dyslexic children.

5) Eye to Eye
An organization that helps middle school students access mentoring programs, scholarships, and leadership opportunities. They also facilitate professional learning for teachers delivered by educators with learning differences.

A few examples of the resources above:

The Dyslexia Initiative

Apps and resources for people with dyslexia

By The Dyslexia Initiative

Made by Dyslexia

5 tips to help dyslexics love literacy

By Made by Dyslexia

Reading and Writing SOS: Expert Answers to Family Questions

Reading and writing SOS: expert answers to frequently asked questions

By Reading Rockets

Smart Kids with LDs

Coming to grips with a learning difference diagnosis

By Smart Kids with LDs